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  • 30.08.2019
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Dabei | 02.09.2019
Morning Katia *Hugs tightly*
Zulkisida | 03.09.2019
The left has been successful in conflating Nationalism with White Supremacist. Just as they conflated the Virginia Battle Flag (Confederate Flag with racism. White Nationalism is not close to White Supremacy.but they sure know how to shut down the conversation with their PC tactics and equivalencies don't they?
Mikakasa | 06.09.2019
I bet you would, you filthy fuck. Disgrace you're not in the UK, damn
Mizilkree | 08.09.2019
All I said was that we have a different taste of comedy. Americans have the right to have different tastes. That you don't see/understand that, is on you, not me.
Goltijora | 07.09.2019
Thanks stunner, she's gorgeous!

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